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Zodiac: Sun, Moon & Rising

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Embrace the cosmic comfort of our Zodiac Hooded Blanket, a celestial companion designed to align with your astrological zodiac trio: Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. This unique blanket offers a choice of two plush linings: the soft and smooth microfleece for a gentle touch, or the luxurious Sherpa for an extra layer of warmth and comfort. The design features a zodiac pattern, with customizable symbols to mirror your unique astral chart. With built-in mitten pockets and a spacious hood, this blanket melds cosmic connection with earthly comfort — a stellar companion for any moment of relaxation.

  • 80" x 60" Large Blanket
  • White Microfiber or Sherpa Lined
  • Spacious Hood for Maximum Comfort
  • Sewn on Mittens for Added Comfort & Style
  • Wrist Straps for Added Convenience (Sherpa Only)
Our Mindful Assurance: Find contentment with your order or get your money back. Your peace of mind is of utmost importance to us. Trust your journey with us, risk-free. 

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